WHITENING MASSAGE CREAM Intensive hydration for youthful skin 50OTHES AND MOISTURIZES A concentrated whitening massage cream enriched with natural ingredients like kand honey which easily penetrates into the stimu lates blood circulation and relaxes mu Sesso whitening massage cream is an excells way to detoxify your body.A healthy massag with this cream draws out impurities while shea butter delivers moisture keeping your skin soft and fair


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Apply onto the skin after cleansing massage well until it absorbs completely into the skin


Aqun water, mineral oil, sweet almond ol witamin E C and 85, fruit extract glycol stearate cetyl alcohol honey, polycsorbate 60 stearic acid, vitamin A, glycolic acid, carthamu inctorius, seed oil butyrospermum parkiishe Sumer, sugar cane extract, carbomer, stan Sovide hydroxypropylemethyl, polysorbate tehylsothiazolinone, proylparaben, mely Daben, disosium EDTA,yellow 6, yellow agrance


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