WHITENING FACE SCRUB Actively Removes IMPURITIES & DEEPLY CLEAN ES Sesso whitening scrub is full of natural red ents to provide superior exfoliation and iddress discoloration Oraganic chamomile flower extracts aloe vera leaf juice soothe the skinits microfoliant particales helps to remove dead cells from skin gently without any irritation.Fre quent usage reduce pigmentation and evens out skin tone by getting rid of dark particals.


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Use 3 times a week Apply Sesso whitening scrub all over the face using gentle circular motion Do not rub hard.


Aqua water, Apricot seeds, Papaya seeds witamins, potassium hydroxide, satiric aci yceryl peg-7.cocoate sodium ccocample Ketate, disodium laureth sulfosuccinum Pg 150, distearate, glycerin, guargum a sodium chloride, methly propional b perfume fragrance.


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ocured by Bella